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Ocracoke Island, NC-Best US Beach in 2007

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After placing among the top 5 best beaches in the nation for several years, Ocracoke Lifeguarded Beach has taken top honors in 2007 on the prestigious Dr Beach list. This is the first time that a beach outside of Florida or Hawaii has won that recognition.

Ocracoke Island Beach - America’s Best Beach for 2007

Located at the southern end of the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the area is part of the sprawling Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Ocracoke boasts 14 miles of uncrowded barrier island beach protected by 25 foot high sand dunes speckled with sea oats. However, only the 300 yard section protected by lifeguards in season can officially claim Best Beach fame.

Ocracoke has a picturesque harbor, a small village, a cool lighthouse, a small herd of wild ponies and an colorful history of privateers, pirates and explorers. But most of what there is to do to do involves low-key sun and surf relaxation – swimming, surfing, strolling, surf fishing, beachcombing or simply lazing in the sand.

Tourist accommodations on the island tend towards cozy inns and Ocracoke is accessible only by small plane or boat, which will, hopefully, help it from suffering from overpopularity despite this new award.

Oracoke Island is THE place for beach lovers in 2007!

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10 Responses to “Ocracoke Island, NC-Best US Beach in 2007”

  1. Helen Wood Says:

    Hi there,

    I write for a blog called and we are doing a post on Ocracoke beach. I wondered if you would be able to send me an image to accompany the post, or perhaps put me in touch with someone who could?

    Many thanks,

    Beam Agency Ltd

    1 Rosoman Place

    London EC1R 0JY

    Tel: 020 7833 9595

  2. Carrie Hill Says:

    Hi Helen,
    I found one image of the lighthouse here: – this is a public domain image search site. Not sure where the photo came from for this story as I didn’t write it, probably was something put together by Mary and she added the text to the image, etc.

    Sorry we couldn’t be more help.
    ~Carrie Hill
    Destinations Travel Blog

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  4. BerryLynn35 Says:

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  5. imp2010 Says:

    I love this place! It’s a must see spot. I have gone there ever since I can remember! The beaches are gorgeous. Plus it’s a fun island to explore. Very small though! Every night they light the lighthouse.The campsites are in high demand for those wanting to vacation on the outer banks. Rome Hotels

  6. Almeta Doland Says:

    Wow i like Hawaii beaches too, very nice place.

  7. Heidi Lavern Says:

    I love reaching a place through a small plane or a boat ever since I’ve read “Sorell and Son”. It just gave me a feeling of intimacy and peacefulness I’ve only felt when I took the cruise Bergen Norway and departed everywhere and nowhere at the same time. The feeling is unmatchable.

  8. EllaRochelle Says:

    Ocracoke is very different from what I’ve seen. I don’t think I have heard of something more picturesque than beaches with ponies, a “cool” lighthouse, stories about pirates and explorers and cozy inns in one place. It’s hard to choose between the hotels on the beach in Hawaii and a beautiful quiet inn.

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  10. eraclea Says:

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