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A Live Look At Rehoboth-Beach Cams

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In my opinion, live web cams are one of the best inventions ever! With a remote video feed, I can see for myself (mostly) what’s going on in particular location without having to rely on anyone else’s interpretation of the scene.

For instance, I can pull up the webcam on Vail Pass to see how bad the road conditions really are and if cars are sliding around on the ice or plowing through fluff. I can also see what’s going on the Delaware resort of Rehoboth Beach with a host of live cameras

Here’s a look at the boardwalk cam in Rehoboth, looking out into the Atlantic just north of Rehoboth Avenue and the Boardwalk Plaza Hotel weathercam that looks south from Olive Avenue. The boardwalk here is awesome, with top notch eateries, as well as the more usual beach fare, like kettle fudge, Thrashers fries with vinegar and salt water taffy. There are also plenty of benches for comfy people or wave watching breaks during a stroll.

Here’s a composite view from several Rehoboth Beach web cams around town that changes every few minutes. You can get a good idea of how busy town is and what the weather and surf are like with this one.

The Delaware Department of Transportation traffic cam gives us a peek at what the drive will be like along Route 1 and Rehoboth Avenue. Very handy to know before you hit the road to head back home.

Here’s a look through the Roosevelt Inlet camera north of town for a good view of the boating conditions at the mouth of the Delaware Bay. This one will clue you in as to whether you should take your Dramamine before heading off to board the Cape May Lewes Ferry or if you’re in for a calm crossing to New Jersey.

So, when you’re headed to the Delaware shore a beach vacation, check out these web cameras. I’m hoping they put one up soon at my favorite Rehoboth Beach Motel, so I can see what’s happening at the pool in the land of fun and sun.

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  1. Boardwalk beach cam Says:

    […] A Live Look At Rehoboth-Beach Cams 2 Dec 2008. I can also see what's going on the Delaware resort of Rehoboth Beach with a host of live cameras. Here's a look at the boardwalk cam in A Live Look At Rehoboth-Beach Cams […]

  2. Rehoboth Beach Delaware Says:

    Oh my gosh–how fortuitous! I’m heading to Rehoboth Beach Delaware in April and these shots just make me even more excited to go!

  3. Rehoboth Beach Cam | Trends Pics Says:

    […] A Live Look At Rehoboth-Beach […]

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